The Historic Houses Trust and the Caroline Simpson Library

This morning on the way in to the Mitchell Library (I was somehow reluctant to have an early coffee in the Library cafe!) I dropped into the Historic Houses Trust for a look round, and by chance saw a notice advertising the ‘Caroline Simpson Library and Research Collection’. I can’t explain it any better than the Trust’s own brochure, so here’s an extract:

‘The Historic Houses Trust (HHT) has approximately 48,000 objects in its collection, distributed across all its properties. The collection’s strength lies in its reflection of 19th and 20th century domestic interiors in New South Wales. This derives from the relationship between the house museums where many of the objects are displayed and the Caroline Simpson Library & Research Collection which the HHT has developed to support research into building conservation and the history of Australian houses, their interiors and gardens. The Caroline Simpson Library & Research Collection covers a variety of formats: – 19th and 20th century architectural pattern books, design drawings, trade ephemera, photograph albums, manufacturers’ trade catalogues, wallpaper sample books, paint colour charts, furniture pattern books, gardening and domestic manuals and decorators’ personal papers. There are also wallcoverings and floorcoverings, soft furnishings, garden ornaments and architectural fragments, mostly provenanced to house in New South Wales. It is the only specialist collection of this type in Australia.’

So out of nowhere I have found another resource for my research, and if I had my druthers I’d probably camp in there for weeks at a time… As it is, having been made very welcome by Matt Stephens, their Reference Librarian, I shall spend a happy holiday looking through their on-line catalogue. Interestingly the building – about which I know virtually nothing – is, Matt Tells me, prefabricated…

2 thoughts on “The Historic Houses Trust and the Caroline Simpson Library

  1. via david ruths antarctica i saw your blog enjoyed reading your new beginings, past awareness good luck from another artist in trondheim norway.

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